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Delbert's Delectable Creation cakes are a timeless addition to Lela's Delights and come in three sizes:

  • Buttery Pound Cake
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Lemon
  • Red Velvet


  • Confident Connoisseur (whole bundt cake)
  • The Sweet Tooth (loaf)
  • The Timid Taster (mini loaf)

All it takes is one taste to create a charming memory.  May contain dairy, flour, chocolate, spices and sugar. 


Delbert's Delectable Creation Cobblers are made from scratch, from the heart, with special care, and with the freshest of ingredients.  Let our cobblers bring just the right amount of sweetness and joy to your special dinner or party.

  • Blackberry
  • Blueberry
  • Cherry
  • Peach
  • Mixed berry

All it takes is one taste to create a savory delight. Call to place your order today!  May contain flour, fruit, sugar and spices.


Did someone say pie? Delights and Delectables are made to order for your enjoyment.  Let us help you create a flavorful experience!

  • Double Crusted Apple
  • Sensational Sweet Potato

All it takes is one taste to create an unforgettable satisfying flavorful experience.  Call to place your order today! May contain, dairy, flour, fruit, sweet potato, sugar and spices.


Do you live in the greater Providence, Rhode Island area? If so, you may qualify for a delivery.

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All orders are available for pick up!  Please call and speak to a team member to schedule date, time, and location to pick up your order!


Items available for Shipping 

  • Gourmet Sugared Nuts
  • Cakes
  • Cake Loaf and Mini Loaf
  • Cake Balls
  • Cupcakes 

Items not available for shipping

  • Cobblers
  • Pies